Free Insurance

We have you covered.

Either you are a DRIVER or a RIDER on our Platform we have you COVERED under our COMPLIMENTARY ACCIDENT INSURANCE Scheme.

Permanent Disability

We have you covered for a total of ₦500,000 ( Five Hundred Thousand Naira.) if injury sustained while driving or riding on a trip assigned by our Platform results to Permanent Disability.


If death results from an accident during a trip assigned by our platform, the driver or rider is covered up to ₦1,000,000 (one million naira).

The above insurance cover is underwritten by a reputable insurance company in Nigeria. Your certificate of cover is issued automatically within 48 hours after you've taken your first trip with Budget Rides either as a driver or rider and it's valid for 1 year.



As a rider, you will have to take a minimum of 4 trips in a month for your insurance cover to remain valid.


A driver on our platform needs to complete a minimum of 30 trips in a month for the insurance cover to remain valid.

The insurance cover is automatically renewed yearly as long as the above conditions are met.